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          ABOUT US
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            Core Belief: Manage by virtue and strive for high quality.
            Enterprise Spirit: Keep improving and cast quality.
            Enterprise Desire: Build a world-class valve R&D manufacturer.
            Enterprise Value: Create value for customers, seek welfare for employees, and take responsibility for the society.
            Service Philosophy: Product qualification is not the standard, customer satisfaction is the goal.
            Quality Concept: Quality first, reputation first.
            Brand Concept: Build up Liao Valve Brand and become a pioneer in the industry.
            Work Attitude: Pay attention to efficiency, improve quality, increase efficiency, and be diligent and enterprising.
            Construction Concept of Spiritual Civilization: People-oriented, civilization to shape the soul, strong quality inside, build up image outside.
            Concept Of Employing: No pressure on capable people, no idle people, no mediocrity. Both integrity and ability.


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          Liaoyang Feedwater And Drainage Equipment Valve Co., Ltd.

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