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          The first valve testing center in Liaoning Province passed the acceptance successfully!

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          • Time of issue:2020-01-02 16:27
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          (Summary description)OnNovember26,2020,LiuGang,DirectoroftheScienceandTechnologyDivisionoftheLiaoningProvincialMarketSupervisionAdministration,LiuYuerong,DeputyDirector,WuLun,DirectoroftheScienceandTechnologyDivision,Zhan

          The first valve testing center in Liaoning Province passed the acceptance successfully!

          (Summary description)OnNovember26,2020,LiuGang,DirectoroftheScienceandTechnologyDivisionoftheLiaoningProvincialMarketSupervisionAdministration,LiuYuerong,DeputyDirector,WuLun,DirectoroftheScienceandTechnologyDivision,Zhan

          • Categories:Company News
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          • Time of issue:2020-01-02 16:27
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          On November 26, 2020, Liu Gang, Director of the Science and Technology Division of the Liaoning Provincial Market Supervision Administration, Liu Yuerong, Deputy Director, Wu Lun, Director of the Science and Technology Division, Zhang Xi and Xiao Jian of the expert team, conducted on-site assessment and acceptance of the Liaoning Valve Testing Center. It is the first provincial-level inspection and testing agency that has successfully accepted acceptance in Liaoning Province since the reform in 2018, filling the gap in the city's provincial-level inspection and testing agency. The establishment of the Liaoning Valve Inspection Center (Liaoning Valve Product Quality Inspection Center) will become a technically authoritative, industry-leading, and widely radiated provincial inspection and testing service platform, which will effectively enhance the valve product inspection and technical consulting service capabilities of Liaoning Province. It promotes the healthy and orderly development of the valve industry in Liaoning Province and even the whole country.
          Ma Zhiqiang extended a warm welcome to the expert team. President Ma said that the provincial inspection center construction project started from the preparation, focused on high-start planning, carried out high-standard construction, and organized high-quality planning, feasibility research, expert group demonstration, and Project establishment and expansion. Continue to introduce advanced scientific research teams, build the first valve inspection and testing center in Liaoning Province, make new contributions to the development of the valve industry, and contribute to the high-quality economic and social development of the province.
          The expert group held a symposium, listened to various work reports in detail, conducted blind sample assessment and data review, and passed the strict assessment of 6 aspects including technical ability, team building, and scientific research ability. Liaoning Valve Testing Center passed the site smoothly. acceptance. The expert group believes that the indicators of our center meet the requirements for the acceptance of the provincial quality inspection center, completed various construction tasks, and reached the B-level laboratory standard, and unanimously agreed to pass the acceptance.
          During the meeting, Liu Gang, director of the Science and Technology Department of the Liaoning Provincial Market Supervision Administration, said that the valve industry is one of the key industries in our province. At present, a certain scale of industrial clusters has been formed and a group of technical personnel with advanced international and domestic advanced levels. Liaoning needs a provincial valve product quality inspection center to escort the safe development of the valve industry. Since the establishment of the Provincial Inspection Center in 2015, it has been highly valued by the provincial and municipal market supervision administrations and the government. This work has been regarded as a key project in the "13th Five-Year Plan" of Liaoning's economic and social development. Finally, it is hoped that the Provincial Inspection Center can break through the assessments at various levels in the future development, build a leading inspection agency in the industry, and make new contributions to the development of economic and social security.
          In order to meet the needs of economic and social development, further accelerate the development of the inspection and testing industry, open up future development space, continue to expand the scope of services, make intelligent innovations, and comprehensively enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry. Our center began the task of preparing the testing center in 2015. After 5 years of design, construction, commissioning, and expansion, the acceptance was finally successfully completed on November 26, 2020. The laboratory has 48 parameters in 3 categories, and its inspection and testing capabilities have reached the domestic advanced level.
          Valve shell strength and sealing performance test
          Valve static pressure life test
          Chemical composition analysis
          Mechanical performance inspection
          Metallographic inspection
          Non-destructive testing
          After years of innovation and accumulation, our center has established a complete functional department, built a scientific and efficient management system, and has strong technical resources and capabilities.
          To develop in innovation and innovate in development, the Provincial Inspection Center has continuously strengthened the construction of cadre team, business construction and industry style construction, continuously increased equipment investment and scientific research, and strived to improve service levels and service guarantee capabilities. Looking forward to the future, the ambition is in the distance and will never stop. The Liaoning Valve Testing Center will deeply implement the scientific development concept, accelerate the construction of Liaoning quality inspection culture, take quality as the bottom line and safety as the foundation, continue to strengthen inspection and testing, and strive to build Liaoning and even First-class domestic inspection agency.

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